Quick Guide to Sennheiser Wireless Lapel Mics

Lavalier, lav, lapel mic… whatever name you know them by, they are a universally used tool in production, and knowing how to properly set them up is a skill every filmmaker should have.  My personal favorite Wireless Lapel Mic is the Sennheiser G3.

Today we’re going to quickly teach you how to scan for open frequencies, pair a receiver and transmitter, and even quickly go over recording to an external recorder.

The Sennheiser G3s are available in “A” and “B” sets. The difference between the A/B sets is the frequency range covered. You can run multiple A units or B units together using different channels, but if you use a mixture of A and B units you will get an even greater range of possible open channels.

The G3 Wireless Lapel Kit include a G3 Diversity receiver, G3 bodypack transmitter, ME 4 clip-on cardioid condenser microphone, and XLR & mini camera input cables.

For monitoring audio I highly recommend Sennheiser HD280 Headphones.

My personal favorite external audio recorders are the Zoom H6 and the Tascam DR-40.

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  1. Thank you for a great video! One question, how would you set up two or more Lav mics to the Zoom H6 for a group discussion? Thanks again!

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