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Today marks yet another significant milestone for Apple–the release of iOS 7. This operating system is by far the biggest change to iOS that’s ever been made, most importantly in design/look & feel. iOS 7 is available today, free of charge. Simply plug in your iOS device to iTunes and click ‘Check for Update’ or choose ‘Software Update’ from the General Settings menu on the device itself. To learn more, visit Apple’s iOS 7 page.
This wouldn’t be a true LensProToGo blog post without discussing something having to do with cameras, photography, or video–so let’s talk about all of them! The brand spankin’ new camera app is truly the upgrade us iPhoneographers have been waiting for!

What’s New in the iOS 7 Camera App

Square shooting mode

There’s now an option to natively shoot with a square crop. Extremely helpful when needing to perfectly compose those Instagram photos without wasting all that time finding and opening the Instagram app.


Now built in to the camera app is filters. When pressing the filter icon, a grid view shows up with a live preview of what all the filters would look like–very Photobooth-esque. Once you choose the filter you want, the preview goes full screen and you can fire away!

Super fast shutter effect

We’ve all been there, you tap the button to take a photo and the lag time from when you tap to when the image is actually taken and then stored is at times painfully long… Well lag no more! At least on the iPhone 5 (what we’ve been testing it on) the response time when taking a photo is at least half the time if not more–significantly faster than in iOS 6.

Was around before, but still noteworthy

Pano shooting mode

Panoramic shooting mode was introduced in iOS 6 but still works amazingly in iOS 7. The app stitches together while you’re capturing with little processing time after the fact. All you need to do is swing the phone left to right or right to left and keep the arrow on the line and at a steady pace and voila! An instant panoramic photo! You can also pretty easily do a vertical pano the same way simply holding the phone horizontal and moving up and down instead of left to right.

HDR shooting mode

High Dynamic Range or HDR mode is always fun to play around with. It can be particularly useful when in a situation where part of your photo is really bright and other parts are really dark. This mode will help balance all that out. Here’s a couple examples–you can see sometimes it definitely works better than others.

Still photos while recording video

This was a sweet new addition so you wouldn’t have to take screen shots of a paused video to simply send a photo to your friends. Just tap the big gray button while recording and your stills will be stored right with your video in the camera roll.

Let us know what you think of the new camera app in iOS 7! We think it’s pretty awesome!

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