GEARCASH – Collect $10 For Every $50 You Spend!



How it works:

  1. Now until February 27, 2014, add any items to your cart and set the delivery date to deliver on or before February 28, 2014.
  2. While still in the cart, type GEARCASH into the coupon code. It will not change your order total (see below). You MUST type in the code GEARCASH during the checkout process to be eligible.
  3. Proceed through checkout process.
  4. Upon confirmation of order, a LensPro team member (Beth!) will assign an individual code and dollar value to your GEARCASH.
  5. GEARCASH will be delivered either in your rental or through USPS directly to your home by March 6, 2014.
  6. You can redeem your GEARCASH by using the code cope provided on the GEARCASH coupon on any future rentals delivered between March 1, 2014 and April 30, 2014.




GEARCASH is a program for customers earn future rental credit with LensProToGo. The coupons can be earned and redeemed during specific GEARCASH periods throughout the year. Eligible purchase totals are calculated before taxes and overnight shipping fees.

How do I receive GEARCASH?

GEARCASH is received by placing any rental that has a delivery date on or before February 28, 2014. Type in the code ‘GEARCASH‘ during the checkout process. You will receive one coupon per transaction. GEARCASH is earned on your purchase total before taxes and overnight shipping fees are applied. For customers ordering online and picking up at our location in Concord, MA, a team member will hand you the appropriate coupon based on your earn purchase total. For online delivery customers, you will receive your GEARCASH coupon via USPS or directly in your rental.

How do I redeem my GEARCASH?

You can redeem your GEARCASH on any rental order being delivered between March 1, 2014 and April 30, 2014. To redeem your GEARCASH, type in the 7 digit code on your GEARCASH coupon into the coupon code field on or tell a customer service rep you have GEARCASH and then give them the 7 digit code.

Can GEARCASH be applied towards used gear purchases?

No. GEARCASH can only be used on rentals.

Is there a max amount of GEARCASH that I can collect per order?

No! The sky is the limit. Even orders over $300 will continue to collect $10 for every $50 spent.

Is there a max amount of GEARCASH I can redeem at a time?

Redemption is limited to one (1) GEARCASH coupon at a time. If you collected more than one GEARCASH coupon you will need to use them on separate rentals during the redemption period.

Can I combine my GEARCASH with other coupons?

You cannot combine your GEARCASH with any other coupons or promotions.

Can I earn GEARCASH while using another coupon?

You cannot earn GEARCASH while using another coupon. Only 1 coupon code is valid per transaction meaning you may earn GEARCASH for future rentals or use a discount code for an immediate discount.

Do you have a discount code I can use for this order instead of collecting GEARCASH?

The 8 Ball says: My sources say yes. Though the codes 8off2 (8% off when renting 2 items) and 10off3 (10% off when renting 3 items) are always valid, do the math as GEARCASH gives you up to 20% back towards your next rental.

I spent less than the amount my GEARCASH coupon was worth. Can I use it on my next rental?

GEARCASH may only be redeemed once. If there is still a value left on the coupon it is forfeited after use.

What if I forget to use my GEARCASH during the allowed time to be redeemed?

GEARCASH can only be used between said dates. Any GEARCASH not used will be forfeited after last day of the redemption period.


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